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Federal Military Parts

4 Dual Locking Door Handles Interior / exterior X-door handle latch fits Humvee

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Patent pending. You wouldn't have door handles on your civilian vehicles that don't lock from the inside as well as the outside, so why buy handles for your HUMVEE that only lock with a key from the outside? You don't have to any more!

4 military HUMVEE door handles works for all model variations. They lock from BOTH the inside and the outside! Available in Black, Green, Tan, and Unpainted.

*All door handle sets are keyed the same, meaning the same key will work on all of the handles in that set.  However, if you’re buying a keyed ignition switch with the door handles, the ignition switch key will not work with the door handles. It is not an option to have ignition switch keys function with door handle locks.