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4-Man Tactical Hard Top 1/4” Thick Standard Length for Military Humvee Tactical Aluminum Roof

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1/4” thick solid aluminum.  All aluminum hard top. Can be mounted in multiple ways - Rivet on, screw on, bolt-on.  Includes C-Pillar.  No cutting required to install.  With or without special forces grab rail.  NOTES:  Not for use on civilian Humvees or any civilian vehicle.  Only for use on military Humvees.  All truck freight orders ship when trucking is available.  There are no guaranteed ship dates or delivery dates.  Any verbal guesstimates are simply guesstimates and no guarantees.  Cancellations of any truck freight order incur a 20% restocking fee + return shipping at the expense of the purchaser. Cancellation refunds can take up to 30 days. 

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