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4-Man Tactical Hard Top Roof - 3 Piece Kit- for Military HUMVEE 1/4” Thick

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4-Man Cab Tactical Hard Top Roof 3-Piece Kit- 1/4" Aluminum


- Roof, All one piece, 1/4" thick solid aluminum. Won't leak because it's all one piece. Can be mounted in multiple ways (rivet on, screw on, bolt-on, TIG welded). No cutting required to Install. 

- New C-Pillar- Tapered to accommodate the shape of the hard doors. 

- Windshield Bezel- Custom shaped windshield bezel is tall enough to hold the roof above the A-Pillar so you don't have to cut your B-Pillar down. 

- (Optional) Special Forces Grab Rails

NOTES:  A common problem in aftermarket roofs is the creation of the two piece roof that is split down the middle and is attempted to be sealed with caulking. Such roofs will always leak overtime. We have solved that by the development of a single piece roof, sold here. Manufacturing a two-piece roof is far cheaper as well as far cheaper to ship but is an inferior product compared to a one piece roof. 

This does not include the doors or rear curtain.  The rear curtain pictured is the “Premium Iron Curtain.”

To view the top and rear curtain package, click HERE to view in our store.

All orders are custom-built to customer’specific requests.  As such, once orders are placed, cancellations are not permitted.  There is a $500 cancellation or return fee per order.  These custom orders can take up to 30-days to ship.

NOTE: Not for use on civilian Humvees.

SHIPPING NOTE: East of the Mississippi River, the shipping is as stated in the listing and the product is delivered to the buyers nearest available Fastenal Store, where the buyer picks up the item. West of the Mississippi there will be added shipping based on market rates 

IMPORTANT LEAD TIME NOTICE: This item is hand made to order in our fabrication shop. Please allow 2 weeks for production PLUS additional time for BOL & Freight shipping and handling.