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Airlift Bumper Plug and Play License Plate Bracket No Drilling to Install

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Our no-drill installation design keeps your HUMVEE as stock as possible.  Installation including connection of the plug and play license plate light takes under thirty minutes.   OEM electrical connectors seal out dust and water. For any military humvee with a rear bumper, typical of a slant back M1043A2 M1045A2 M1097a2

With our new and improved design there is no drilling needed at all to install the bracket or license plate to your vehicle. There also is no need to alter any of the existing OEM hardware or brackets on your current bumper. Finally, this includes an extra long 40” cable which is plug and play 24 volt license plate light so you don’t have to do any wiring. There is no cutting into your wiring harness! The entire installation takes about 15 minutes.
M1042 M1043 M1045 Airlift Bumper HUMVEE License Plate Bracket - No Drill Install - Prewired Light and hardware. Condition is New. Because this item is pre-wired, there is no need to cut your Wiring Harness because it is plug and play. One plug and play light is included.