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Premium A2 Airlift Bumper Plug & Play Rear License Plate Holder Bracket Frame - Self Tapping To Install - fits Humvee M998 Hmmwv

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This PLUG AND PLAY, new HUMVEE license plate holder uses self tapping screws to install.  The only tools needed are two wrenches to install the plate on the left rear side of the vehicle below the left rear turn signal using existing holes in the vehicle. 

*** For the $144.95 purchase price, you receive the PLATE,  plus mounting bolts and 1 license plate light and 2 back up lights. (Camera sold separately) 

****For the $324.95 price you receive the mounting plate, plus license plate light and mounting hardware plus 2 back up lights and a back up camera!  

There are holes provided for our license plate light, 2 back up lights, backup camera and backup alarm. There is also a version for no backup camera.  Ships unassembled.

To view optional components please click on the links below: