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C-Pillar for Military Humvee Hard Top Roof - Compatible with Hard Doors and Canvas Doors as well as Hard Top or Soft Top

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The C pillar is compatible with both Hard Top and soft tops as well as soft doors or hard doors and canvas rear curtains or hard cab components. A typical problem when converting a MilitaryHumvee from a soft cab to a hard cab is that the doors don’t fit properly or the hardtop does not fit properly. With our design, that issue is no more.  This is a unique Military Humvee C-pillar that Works For Hard Top Or For Soft Top. This unique pillar manufactured by Federal Military Parts is designed to solve two problems when doing HUMVEE conversions from a soft cab to a hard cab and also when converting from a 2-man vehicle to a 4-man vehicle. With this unique pillar, there’s no need to cut down your B-pillar when converting a 2-man vehicle to a 4-man vehicle. Secondly, when converting from soft doors to hard doors, there’s no gap between the rear doors and the c-pillar due to the different shape of soft doors versus hard doors as our extra wide c-pillar fills in that gap. The HUMVEE conversion pictured is using our unique c-pillar.All truck freight orders ship when trucking is available.  There are no guaranteed ship dates or delivery dates.  Any verbal guesstimates are simply guesstimates and no guarantees.  Cancellations of any truck freight order incur a 20% restocking fee + return shipping at the expense of the purchaser. Cancellation refunds can take up to 30 days.