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Federal Military Parts

Complete Premium Hard Cab Kit - 4 Hard "X" Doors, 1/4" Thick Premium Hard Top Roof, Premium Rear Curtain fits Military Humvee

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With our premium 4-door hard cab kits, you can finally have a complete kit to change your vehicle from a canvas top and body to a solid cab. 

Hard top description and options: the hard top is a one-piece 1/4" thick solid aluminum, angled above the doors for strengh and to create a better seal to keep weather out. Note that some manufacturers have a 2-part roof which saves money for manufacturing, but will eventually leak. Roof grab rails are available as an option in the pricing area.

Rear curtain: the rear curtain is solid 12 gauge steel and comes standard with a large bulkhead framed window for strength as well as to match the geometric design of the x-doors.

Door description and options: new humvee x-doors - 2nd generation hard doors. New, in the crate. Dont buy cheap imitation doors that use rv parts for windows, handles and hinges! Real humvee windows always slide vertically. Imitators use cheap, horizontal sliding rv windows that make your cool humvee look like grampa's motorhome!Our doors include new glass. Tinted available. Also available with handles that lock from the inside and the outside, double thick door skin armor of all steel construction, double strength door hinges. 1 door weighs 79.6 lbs. These are the doors that separate the men from the boys!

Comes standard with a second generation c-pillar for hard tops and rear curtains so no cutting or blocking is required on our a-pillar or c-pillar.

Doors do NOT include door strikers or door hangers, which are sold separately.  Foot rails (running boards) are sold separately. 

Easy installation hard top! NOTE THESE TWO MAJOR ADVANTAGES OF THE FMP KIT:  The FMP conversion kit is the only kit available where you don’t have to cut and reinstall your B-Pillar, saving many hours of labor.  Second, The FMP kit is designed to accommodate the different shape of both canvas doors and hard doors. Normally when converting from soft doors to hard doors there’s a gap behind your hard doors that requires splicing in sheet metal — NOT WITH THE FMP KIT!  This item can be riveted, bolted or TIG Welded to your existing A, B, C pillars. This item ships by Fastenal to your nearest Fastenal. You will be notified by Fastenal when it arrives for your pick up. Comes unpainted for welding purposes.

The price listed is for a four-door vehicle, but this item is available in both a two-door version and a four-door version as well as extended cab!  The cab extension is NOT included with this purchase.  

Available colored in black, tan or green.

NOTE:  There is an optional installation kit for the rear curtain this is highly recommended if you don't have your own metal fabricating equipment to bend angled aluminum to a 75 degree angle.  If you run a fabrication shop, then it's not necessary to buy this item.   Go to our search bar and search, "Curtain Installation Kit."  

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SHIPPING NOTE: East of the Mississippi River, the shipping is as stated in the listing and the product is delivered to the buyers nearest available Fastenal Store, where the buyer picks up the item. West of the Mississippi there will be added shipping based on market rates 

IMPORTANT LEAD TIME NOTICE: This item is hand made to order in our fabrication shop. Please allow 2 weeks for production PLUS additional time for BOL & Freight shipping and handling.