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Door Skins for HUMVEE - 1 Piece Per Door - Supplemental Armor Skin - Black, Tan or Green - Door Handles Not Included

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These single piece door skins are generally used for refurbishing OEM HUMVEE doors -  hard X-Doors - for the do-it-yourselfer.  They rivet in place.  Each door includes 1 piece and the door handles pictured are not included, but are pictured to demonstrate fit. "X" Overlay is also SOLD SEPARATELY.   Note that this item is not meant to be used in place of a conventional door.  They are available in black, tan or green.  Due to size and weight, they likely ship by Fastenal to your nearest Fastenal, where you are responsible for picking them up.  In the photos, the first 2 are black and this reflects the 3 pieces you would actually receive, not including door handles.  The green and tan pictures (pictures 3 - 6) show the door skins mounted to a used HUMVEE door. 

You will also need to buy a rivet kit of stainless steel rivets (never use aluminum or the skins my pop off your doors while driving).  Also see our YouTube video for installation instructions.