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Full Humvee Windshield (2 Halves) + Full Gasket - Clear - Hmmwv M998 M1038

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Don't settle for less than NEW ORIGINAL HUMVEE (TM) Replacement glass for the military HUMVEE. Beware of cheaper imitations that are NOT LAMINATED! Sheet glass that is not laminated is for household window use and is not approved for automotive use as it shatters easily. Get the "real deal," glass that was made for US Military combat vehicles. Note that all Your purchase only includes the windshield glass and rubber gasket. It does not include the window frame.  

Other items may be shown in photos for illustration purposes only. See our easy installation video YouTube. Search under Federal Military Parts. The price is for both halves of the windshield as well as 2 gaskets - one for each half.