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Headlight Universal for Wheeled Vehicles 24 Volt LED Plug and Play Headlights fits Humvee M998

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These are true plug and play oem style headlights (single or pair) for your military humvee. Works with all models of military humvee. Note: real oem rubber shell connectors such as on this headlight, do not require an adapter to make them function with your vehicle. Adapters are susceptible to allowing moisture and dust to cause failure in your headlights.

Note: we offer this item at a discounted price with the 22 piece led bulb conversion kit. (save $30 combined) just go to the search bar and type in "Headlight bulb conversion kit"

Note that when changing your headlights, headlight buckets or headlight bezel rings, it is advisable to replace your old, corroded bezel ring retaining screws with new