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Swing Away Tire Carrier 2nd Gen AND Spare Tire for Military HUMVEE HMMWV Vehicles

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This is a brand new tire carrier that bolts directly to a U.S. Military HUMVEE HMMWV with an airlift bumper. Also included is an original OEM take-off military HUMVEE tire and rim with run-flat insert.  The bumper in the picture is NOT INCLUDED and is for display purposes only.  

SECOND GENERATION FEATURES: This is the only swing away tire carrier that has the following key features! You can hook up and tow a trailer with your tire carrier remaining in place. With other tire carriers, the tire blocks access to the hitch. NEXT, with this second generation hitch, when the carrier swings open, the tire and carrier will not swing into any rear mounted antennas. This second generation tire carrier addresses shortcoming of the first generation tire carrier.

A major benefit of this carrier is it holds the tire up high enough so you can still use a hitch on your Humvee, unlike others.

The bumper pictured is for display purposes only. This offer does not include the bumper.

Note that this carrier is designed for use only with the MILITARY HUMVEE and is not designed to fit any other vehicle.



We also sell the combination tire carrier and bumper as a different listing on our website.   This item ships by Blue Lane Freight to your nearest Fastenal Store for you to pick up there.