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Humvee Wheel Split Rim Used 24 Bolt 16.5” 8 Lug

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With or Without Run Flat Insert

HMMWV M998 M1151A1 WHEEL ASSY, 8-lugs for mounting. 24 Bolt Inner Rim Outer Rim 01-443-3405 Humvee.  All are used.

Note that the one pictured is a representative sample and the actual wheel shipped may look as good, or it may not.  They may be black or tan.  They may have some rust, but not dented. If they do have rust, as the buyer it is your responsibility to perform and “refurbishing,” as needed. 

We also have the o-rings available for this wheel.  Search “o-rings” on our search bar.  Valve stems may also need to be replaced.  Search "tire valve stems" on our website search bar. 

Flanged nuts for wheel studs sold separately:

18 x 18 x 10.  47lbs