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Federal Military Parts

Half Door Pair. Front Only. Black, Tan or Green Hard X-Doors Lower Half

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One set of four Humvee tactical half doors, set of four. Condition is New.
Construction is double layer all steel construction. Each half door weighs 35 lbs.
If you are on a budget and aren’t ready to purchase a full door, you can purchase these half doors now and purchase the upper half later.
These are the only US Manufactured half doors that are OEM style, meaning the windows slide up and down vertically. The window rails are in the lower half of the door and if you purchase the upper half later, the framed window comes with the upper half.  To reiterate, there are no windows included with this item. 
Locking door handles that lock from the outside with a key are included. Patent Pending Dual locking door handles are also available that lock from the inside as well as the outside.  These doors are manufactured to your specifications regarding options such as dual locking door handles, stainless steel handles, and color choice of black, tan or green.

All orders are custom-built to customer’specific requests.  As such, once orders are placed, cancellations are not permitted.  There is a $500 cancellation or return fee per order.  These custom orders can take up to 30-days to ship.