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The window on this is rectangle shaped with square corners. Standard window is clear. Tinted is available. Does not include hard top. 

This curtain Replaces the canvas curtain on the back of your cab so you can seal your cab tightly. A clear, unmounted window is included. The Iron Curtain is held in place to your C-Pillar with stainless steel rivets and self tapping screws. We recommend the purchase of our Iron Curtain Installation Kit to get a tight connection and seal. Your options to install the window are to either purchase window gasket from an automotive glass company or use 3M automotive window adhesive to mount the window directly to the metal.

This item is available in black, tan, green painted steel or in unpainted aluminum.

we invited you to also purchase the Iron Curtain installation kit. You can see details about this item by simply going to our search bar in typing in the phrase, iron curtain installation kit.

We also offer the window frame for this item if you choose to purchase it separately or if you would like us to install.

This item is also available with NO WINDOW OPENING as a custom application, HERE.

This item ships by Fastenal to the nearest Fastenal, where the customer is responsible for pick up.