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Federal Military Parts

Install Kit + Keyed Ignition Switch- Plug & Play- Fits Military Humvee M998 HMMWV

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Put your trust in our high quality ignition switches from Federal Military Parts. Black finish ignition switch works for all US Military vehicles. Kit includes the special bit needed to drill through a military dash when installing any keyed ignition switch as well as dielectric grease to create water tight seals. Connector Protector provides a moisture-proof barrier for electrical connections and wiring. Locks out weather, salt, and dirt, even in severe outdoor conditions. Applications include plugs, sockets, connectors, bulbs, trucks, marine, cars, outdoor equipment, and underground connections. Works on dozens of military vehicles including Humvee, fmtv, lmtv, 2.5 ton deuce, 5 ton, army keep, etc.

*All door handle sets are keyed the same, meaning the same key will work on all of the handles in that set.  However, if you’re buying a keyed ignition switch with the door handles, the ignition switch key will not work with the door handles. It is not an option to have ignition switch keys function with door handle locks.