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Locking Slantback Handle Rear Exterior Hatch Latch Stainless Steel And Plate M998 Military Humvee Slant Back Lock

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Flush rear hatch / cargo hatch +plate M998 HUMVEE

For the price listed, you will receive (1) STAINLESS STEEL handle w/ mounting plate.  Note that this is NOT a door handle for the exterior HUMVEE M998 M1038 doors. This is a rear locking Slantback hatch handle.

*Colors shown as examples

*All door handle sets are keyed the same, meaning the same key will work on all of the handles in that set.  However, if you’re buying a keyed ignition switch with the door handles, the ignition switch key will not work with the door handles. It is not an option to have ignition switch keys function with door handle locks.