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Federal Military Parts

M151A1 Jeep M880 M1009 CUCV 2" Military Pinball Receiver Hitch

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You are purchasing the original HUMVEE pinball hitch. Federal Military Parts is the one and only manufacturer of the original Humvee pinball hitch which is specifically designed and built in the US for the US military M998 HUMVEE and other NATO vehicles. It is used in conjunction with the standard pintle hitch that is already on the vehicle. With this design, you can choose to pull a pintle style trailer at the proper height for that style trailer or you can use the receiver for a ball hitch which is also at the proper height for a ball hitch type trailer. The pintle hitch is not included. This is not guaranteed to fit all military vehicles. This hitch is double coated with Rust-resistant primer and rust resistant paint. Color: Black. Standard Color is black with rust resistant coating. Ball hitch is not included. Note that the military Humvee is only rated to tow 3400 pounds unless you have an aerial lift Bumper, in which case it is rated to tow a maximum of 4200 pounds. Do not use a drop hitch unless you are towing less than 3000 pounds.Make sure to also purchase our Humvee hitch installation kit, also sold here on our website. Includes all Grade 8 hardware you need to install this hitch.

To find the mounting hardware, go to our search bar and search for:

HUMVEE trailer Hitch Installation Kit - Military M998 - All Hitches - 16PC GR8 Mounting