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Matched Sets of Two, Four or Five 37" Tall 65%-90% Tread Bfg Mounted on 24 bolt rims and Includes Run-Flat Inserts fits Humvee

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 This is a set of four thirty seven inch OEM Bfg Baja TA radial tires, eight ply, mounted on 24 bolt rims. Includes run-flat inserts. These tires are fresh take offs from military Humvees that are being crushed as the US military makes room for the replacement vehicle for the Humvee. These are solid tires that will work on Humvees as well as 1997 and older Ford pick up trucks, Chevy 1967 to current and ram dodge 1986 to 2014. Note, we ship all truck freight items by Fastenal To a Fastenal store near you. Freight is flat rate except to the state of Nevada and California. All shipments to those states must ship commercial freight.