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Federal Military Parts

Military Humvee 1/4” Thick Tactical 2-Man Hard Top Roof Aluminum M998 Hmmwv

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Grab Rails Yes or No

Easy installation! This item can be riveted, bolted or TIG Welded to your existing A and C pillars. There is no need to cut or modify your existing pillars to install this item. This item ships by Fastenal to your nearest Fastenal. You will be notified by Fastenal when it arrives for your pick up.  Yes it is necessary to ship by a method other than Fastenal, you must contact us directly to make those special arrangements. The cost to ship other than Fastenal will be higher at the purchasers expense.

Use this item with our “iron curtain” and hard doors for a complete hard cab.  
NOTES:  All truck freight orders ship when trucking is available.  There are no guaranteed ship dates or delivery dates.  Any verbal guesstimates are simply guesstimates and no guarantees.  Cancellations of any truck freight order incur a 20% restocking fee + return shipping at the expense of the purchaser. Cancellation refunds can take up to 30 days.