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Federal Military Parts

Paint Kit - 7 Quarts - Black, Camo Brown, Or Green 4 Qt Paint + 1 Qt Reducer + 2 Qt Activator For Military Vehicles

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Kit includes 1 gallon of BLACK, WOODLAND CAMO BROWN or GREEN paint and 2 quarts of activator part B and one quart of reducer. This paint does not require primer - it is DTM - direct to metal paint. This is the same great paint that we use to paint all of our manufactured items.

This kit easily paints an entire HUMVEE.

We also make this exact same same 2-part kit WITH HARDENER in a spray can. The hardener is partly what makes this an automotive grade paint -vs- cheap paint from a big box store.

Federal Military Parts paint mixture example 100oz part A 50oz part B and 25oz reducer. Or another way it can be stated is ratio of 1:2:4. Or 17% reduction of mixed parts A and B.