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Federal Military Parts

Military Paint Gallon - Black, Woodland Camo Brown, Tan, Or Nc/383 Green - 1 GAL - Paint Only - No Primer Needed

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includes 1 gallon of "Direct-to-metal Black, Woodland Camo Brown, Tan or New Canvas Green" paint.  This paint does not require primer - it is DTM - direct to metal paint. This is the same great paint that we use to paint all of our manufactured items.

Federal Military Parts paint mixture example 100oz part A 50oz part B and 25oz reducer. Or another way it can be stated is ratio of 1:2:4. Or 17% reduction of mixed parts A and B.

We also make this exact same same 2-part kit WITH HARDENER in a spray can. The hardener is partly what makes this an automotive grade paint -vs- cheap paint from a big box store.

Made in USA.