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Camo Paint Kit - 5 Gallon - Camouflage Woodland Pattern - NATO Black, Brown, Green

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This is the same great paint we use on everything manufactured by Federal Military Parts.  It also is the same paint in our Y2K spray cans, so it's a perfect match.  This is enough paint to paint any US military vehicle from the HUMVEE to deuce, 5-ton truck, etc., both inside and out.  Includes 1 gallon each of black, brown and green paint, and 6 quarts of hardener (part B) and 3 quarts of reducer (solvent), for a total of 5 gallons plus one quart after mixing.

Federal Military Parts paint mixture example 100oz part A 50oz part B and 25oz reducer. Or another way it can be stated is ratio of 1:2:4. Or 17% reduction of mixed parts A and B.

Note that this paint is compatible with a Original OEM, Military CARC Paint