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Two Piece (C-Pillar) Door Gap Filler Kit - For Rear Door Only - 1 per side, fits Humvee

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Includes 2 pieces.

 Are you tired of precipitation pouring in around your vehicle pillars?  Don’t forget about letting in dust and insects and letting all your heat escape when it’s cold outside!  Our Door Gap Filler Kit tightens up your cab in just a few minutes by fastening the gap filler plates in place with screw or pop rivets.  If you want to buy black pop rivets or black oxide screws, we offer both here on our website. Just go to the search bar and key in what you want there.  

So how do you know which of these you should buy? The two piece is for a two door vehicle only. The four piece is for a four-door vehicle and the six piece is for a four-door vehicle where are you also want to tighten up around the C-pillar for an extra tight cab.

2 Door Cab: 2pc B-Pillar 

4 Door Cab: 4pc B-Pillar + 2pc C-Pillar