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UNIVERSAL Military Keyed Ignition Starter Switch - PLUG AND PLAY Choice Black Tan or Green for Humvee

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Keyed ignition switch for military HUMVEE / HMMWV / M998 / M1038 or any military vehicle with same type ignition as the HUMVEE.

Includes installation instructions and 3 keys. This switch is compatible with the Hmmwv, HEMMT, Humvees, M35, M35A2, M109A3, M809, M925, M939, M939A1 M939A2 M998 M1038 M88 M925 M925A1 M939 HEMTT M35A2 M35A3 M151 M151A1 M1088 CUCV FMTV LMTV

The modification needed is to drill out the mounting hole slightly larger using a step bit. This switch will plug into the trucks wiring harness where the original switch unplugs. You will need a test light or multimeter, adjustable wrench, drill with step bit and a flat head screwdriver for the install.

Please choose the color and quantity you would like to purchase when adding to your shopping cart. They come in chrome, green, black, tan and in quantities of 1, set of 3 and, set of 5.

*All door handle sets are keyed the same, meaning the same key will work on all of the handles in that set.  However, if you’re buying a keyed ignition switch with the door handles, the ignition switch key will not work with the door handles. It is not an option to have ignition switch keys function with door handle locks.