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Dashboard Gauge Assortment, 5pc Set, Speedometer, Fuel, Water, Pressure, Battery Voltage Gauge- Fits ALL Humvee M998 M1123 M1045 Truck

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Military Humvee 5 piece set of dashboard gauges. Black, Desert Tan, or 383 Green Housing. 
Fits all variants of Humvee models. 

Replace PN: MS39021-2
NSN: 6680-00-933-3599
Sizes: 85mm (3-3/8")
Measuring Range: 0 - 60 (MPH)

Fuel Level Gauge
Replace PN: MS24544-2
NSN: 6680-00-933-3600
Sizes: 52mm (2-1/16")
Measuring Range: Empty - 1/2 - Full
Resistance: 0 (E) - 30 (F) ohms

Oil Pressure Gauge
Replace PN: MS24540-2
NSN: 6620-00-115-9042
Sizes: 52mm (2-1/16")
Measuring Range: 0 - 120 (PSI)

Volt Gauge
Replace PN: MS24532-2
NSN: 6625-01-086-9580
Sizes: 52mm (2-1/16")
Measuring Range: 16 - 32 (V)

Water Temperature Gauge
Replace PN: MS24543-2
NSN: 6685-00-936-2139
Sizes: 52mm (2-1/16")
Measuring Range: 120 - 240 (°F)


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