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Rustproof Headlight Access Panel + Black Bezel Headlight Pair for Humvee

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Replace those old rusty steel access panels with rust-proof aluminum while you’re also installing new, bright, high impact LED headlight that are plug and play!

  • SUPER BRIGHT LED: 75W round led headlights with 7500LM high beam and 5500LM low beam at 6000K for each headlight, above 50000 hours lifespan
  • EASY PLUG AND PLAY INSTALLATION: Just connect the headlight bulbs to the factory headlamp wiring; Includes 2 headlights plus necessary wiring
  • FITMENT: Universal for wheeled military vehicles, compatible with but not limited to M-Series Humvee; M998 Humvee, Deuce, 5 ton, etc
  • INCLUDES: 4PC TOTAL- 2pc 2 x 7inch round led headlights, 2 x H4 to H13 adapter, + 2pc Aluminum Headlight Access Panels
  • ACCESS PANELS: New Military Humvee Rust Proof Headlight Access Panel Pair will block water from entering the back side of your headlight and it will never rust as it’s aluminum. Comes unpainted.